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Have you ever searched for an email only to find it was seemingly lost forever somewhere in your Inbox? It might not matter as much if you’re looking for that cute email from your mom but it will matter a lot if you’re looking for an email that contains crucial data for an important business meeting.

It was Spring 2012 when we had the BIG meeting to finalize an important business deal.

While exchanging notes with my team just before the meeting, panic struck! We needed a particular set of numbers which were in an email we received a few months ago.

Minutes passed and none of us could find the email.
“He sent it around two months ago”. I howled.
No luck!

“Try searching with their email address and some other words” I said. “Data!” “Meeting!” “Company!”
Can’t find it!
“Holy Crap! Let me try”, I bawled.

I entered a couple of keywords but this didn’t limit the deluge of irrelevant emails that appeared in the search results. I tried looking through the emails in a date range but realized it would take too long to open and read each email.

The information was crucial. We HAD to get to it. But none of us could find a way to call up the email.

Going into the meeting without the numbers from this crucial email hurt our interest in the deal, and we came up short.

Distraught, we wondered if there was an easier way to search through emails. We knew we couldn’t have been the only people this had ever happened to – in fact, we could each think of 4 or 5 times we’d tried searching for an email only to give up after a few fruitless attempts.

We scoured the Internet, figuring that there must be some software that takes the omniscience of search engines and applies it to emails.

Surely someone must have realized the lack of intelligence in existing email search. And the compelling need to quickly search through petabytes of data that resides in the accounts of 2.2 billion email users? We found nothing!

We could have believed that the Gods were conspiring against us and moved on with our lives but we knew that there was a simpler and truer explanation; email search was simply unintelligent.

Sometimes when you discover that something you need so badly just doesn’t exist, you try to create it yourself. And so, Diduce was born!

We believe we have taken the first step in a boundless journey.

Welcome to Diduce, the world’s first and only “intelligent email search”.

Get ahead of the queue by registering your email at www.diduce.com.

Watch this space for exciting updates.